Introducing the official XCP-ng Vates VMS plans, delivering an exceptional open-source solution designed to optimize business operations. Backed by professional support options, the XCP-ng solution, rooted in the trusted Citrix XenServer hypervisor, offers unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and innovation. As a superior, budget-friendly alternative, XCP-ng outshines VMware ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V, reshaping the virtualization landscape for businesses of all sizes.

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Hosts Max. 3 Max. 3 Min. 3 Min. 3
Support Tickets 6 / year Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Coverage Business Days Business Days Business Days 24/7
Response Time 24h 24h 24h 1h
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Upgrade Assistance
Remote Assistance
Auto Patching
Rolling Snapshots
Full Backups
Backup Reports
Continuous Delta Backup
Smart Backup
Continuous Replication
Load Balancing
File Level Restore
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All XCP-ng Vates VMS plans include Xen Orchestra. Xen Orchestra features a sophisticated graphical interface, delivering a seamless dashboard experience for efficient management. Through this user-friendly tool, navigating and optimizing the virtual environment becomes a streamlined and intuitive process. The integration of Xen Orchestra within the VMS plans stands as a testament to Vates commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that combine ease of use, robust functionality and professional support.


Efficient Virtualization Management

Xen Orchestra: Modern VM Management


Effortlessly manage your virtual machines with Xen Orchestra's modern web interface. Gain access to detailed statistics, IP addresses, and CPU/RAM information, all in one user-friendly platform. This streamlined approach enhances your virtualization tasks, ensuring efficient control and optimization.

Live Migration and Scalable Growth


Move your VMs across the globe seamlessly using Xen Orchestra's live migration feature, without any disruptions. Moreover, scale your cloud infrastructure effortlessly by adding hosts as needed. This scalability empowers you to adapt your virtualization resources according to your requirements, making Xen Orchestra a versatile solution for dynamic environments.

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